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What is same to you in french

Are you responding to a salutation or greeting or to an insult? Quite often, in French it is the classic American “How do you do?” pattern where you just parrot . fakujigifi.tk English-French Dictionary: Translation for The same to you. 29 Jul - 58 sec - Uploaded by How to say in French? What is the correct translation of same to you to French? How to say same to you in French.

My mom always used to say this as a joke, I don't remember where it started, but for awhile I've wanted to learn the French version, I came up. Translation for 'Thank you, the same to you!' in the free English-German dictionary and many other German translations. same to you meaning: used as an answer to someone who has greeted or insulted you in order to wish the same thing to them. Learn more.

Same to you! translation french, English - French dictionary, meaning, see also ' happy couple',happy event',happy hour',happy medium', example of use. Meanings of "i could say the same to you" in Turkish English Dictionary: 1 English Dictionary · French English Dictionary · English Synonyms Dictionary. Melody Gardot Same to you lyrics: / Now they're gonna do the same to you. Oh, they gonna do the same to you French → Italian. Here are 15 French words and phrases used in English—so you probably with which we associate that weird feeling of reliving the same past experience. Synonyms: back at you, right back at you, same, likewise This is a way to answer someone who has just wished you something (e.g. Happy New Year, have a.

If you want your French to sound more advanced, one of the best ways is to understand how to use the .. This translates as “bitch” with the same vulgarity level. If you say, I cant wait for winter break, someone night reply, same here. French (France) English (US) Simplified Chinese (China) Romanian. Literally, it means "that's equal to me," but in use it actually means "It's all the same to me" or "It doesn't matter to me" or even "Not to worry; I'm. Explanation: To me, the equivalent of "same to you" is simply "altrettanto a te/ altrettanto a voi" and is often heard of for wishings and.

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