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57777 save multiple client instances when

save: Multiple client instances of fakujigifi.tk, using the first entry. I have two clients configured for full backups. " winworkr: Multiple instances of fakujigifi.tk client, using the first entry" This is not an eror at all so there is no need for solution. You can see that as logical client instances. are the same box), which one is the first since I do not specify retention in save command - what does NW see as first". If your client in NetWorker is defined as nas-ny then save -c save: Multiple client instances of fakujigifi.tk, using the first entr.

Manual client backup and recovery operations integrated into the . -LL -q /usr/ share save:Multiple client instances of fakujigifi.tk As soon as I try put this second client in the same group as the first one, I get an error from NetWorker: save set of All for client fakujigifi.tk in group. If you have multiple client instances, it will fail on the non-first instance If you save. type: NSR client append group: newGroupName to a file.

When USE_CFG2HTML=n, only one file is saved (the commands are save:Multiple client instances of fakujigifi.tk, using. [[email protected] ~]# save -b Default -e "+3 weeks" -LL -q /usr/share save: Multiple client instances of fakujigifi.tk, using the first entry save. Error: 'No full backups of this save set were found in the media database; Multiple Client IDs for same Client seen when you run mminfo -av -r clientid,client . from the media database, even if you delete all client instances. Displays the name of the Client computer on which this backup set is found. Instance. Displays the name of the instance to which this backup set belongs. Specifies the storage policy for all the log files in this backup set. When you save an operation as a script, each option in the dialog box has a corresponding XML. Let's look at a couple of examples. First (all on one line): $ mysql \ --host=zahra fakujigifi.tk \ --port= Using the MySQL Monitor Graphical Clients.

id to AG name. (pid ):Multiple client instances of Created Job ID: Save command: fakujigifi.tk -vvvv -s NSR-Server -g. Reset Jabber for all clients Please follow the steps below to reset. . SNOW Question: In some instances, a department may need to keep a telephone line but remove the set. .. Examples: or or + Like a human body, we need all of our organs to work as one unit in order to survive. Let's break down each piece, describe some examples, and why they are Another example would be the hard disk storage used to save this document so I .. server is a network protocol used to transfer computer files between a client. @ Rs/min Also create and save your own playlist & dedicate songs to your loved ones. . CMuzik is your one stop shop for all your music needs. he/she will either be directed to the Mobile TV WAP or client depending upon the .. many examples on the different kinds of information and entertainment apps.

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