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Rear view mirror rattles when subwoofer

24 Sep - 2 min - Uploaded by CarAudioForLife mirror in your car. When my subs were on the mirror would vibrate and make loud noi. How. My car rattles like crazy and it annoys me the most on the rear view mirror if i hold the mirror with my hand it stops the rattling but as soon as i let go of the mirror it rattles like crazy . Mine also drops down when my sub hits. Thanked Times in Posts. Mentioned: 10 Post(s). Tagged: 2 Thread(s). Interior rearview mirror rattling/moving with subwoofer.

find much on the internet about fixing the rattle in the rear view mirror. I can see the subwoofer making it rattle, but normal cruising on the. Annoying Rear View Mirror Rattle After Subwoofers installed Audio, Video, Bluetooth, Navigation, Radar, Electronics Forum. d4rin, AM. Seems like 95% of the rattles in my car come from the rear view mirror, Any tricks to get stop it from rattling? Seems to shake a lot.

Other than remove it or turning it down how can i stop my rear-view mirror from rattling even at moderate volume it still makes a rattling. All rearview mirrors are usually held with a adhesive and then a mount, so no screws definitly. I would dampen my trunk to be honest with you. However, before anything else began to rattle, i've noticed that the rear view mirror is rattling and making an annoying noise everytime the sub. Ever since I upgraded my stereo, the one place that rattles and vibrates is my rearview mirror. On some songs it's fine, others it's annoying. whenever bass hits it stars to come down on every beat it hits but whats more annoying is it makes this ugly sound too wheneever bass hits..i.

So my rear view mirror has had a rattle for a while now. hear over the exhaust, and after adding a 10" subwoofer to the trunk it only got worse. Recently my rearview mirror has been vibrating from the subwoofer and certain bumps in the road. Tried adding superglue between the plastic. the whole freaking car rattles, thats the only real complaint I have about this car. The mirrors, the rear view mirror, something in the door panels. Just recently I had to have my front windshield replaced, since then my rear view mirror has been rattling. I have subwoofers in the trunk, so when I.

hey i have one of the auto dimming rear view mirrors with the compass. My problem is i have subs and even at low volumes the mirror rattles. Audio, Video & Electronics (DIY) - Stopping rear view mirror rattles - If you have an aftermarket audio system, them you most likely know that the. My interior rear view mirror rattles like a gooden. With the roush exhausts, and the 12 inch sub, it rattles at specific rpm's, and within certain. So you put in a sub thinking that it won't shake the mirror?? Lol. Might as well just replaced the stock s in the car for added bass. Turn your.

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